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Donors for July 27, 2014

Pretty average day. Remember, the Dilithium weekend ends tomorrow at 12pm Central Time so make sure you get as much as you can. I will have the giveaway tomorrow AFTER the event ends so everyone will have a chance to get as much dil as possible.

Here are your donors!

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Donors for July 25, 2014

Today was a great giveaway. Did find something out though. I don’t generally change my privacy settings so this one was new for me. If you have your mail settings to accept mail from friends only and I am not on your friends list, any items you win will not go through so make sure you adjust them accordingly before participating. I accept friends lists from everyone so if you wanna just add me, you can do that as well.

Here are your donors for the day! Also remember, I will not be on tomorrow for a giveaway as I am going out of town. The next one will be Sunday!

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Donors for July 24, 2014

Pretty easy day today. I think most people were off grinding dilithium with the dil weekend kicking in! In case you missed what I mentioned today in the game, Saturday there will not be a giveaway as I am going out of town Saturday! I should be back Sunday so the giveaways will resume then.

Here are your donors for the day.

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One of my friends made this and it is 100% true!


Donors for July 22, 2014

A pretty easy day compared to yesterday! Lots of new people again. I hope they really do head over here and read the rules. Makes everything much easily.

As some of you already know, I am halting my purchases of zen for the time being until this R&D fiasco gets worked out. In case you all are not aware of it yet, I wrote up a short post about it here.

Here are your donors for the day! Make sure you thank them if you see them in-game!

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Star Trek Online – Cryptic Making the Grind Unbearable

I know this is an odd time to make a post (forgive me, my sleeping patterns are almost always all over the place), but I just got around to reading the patch notes for later today. Here is something I want to bring your attention to. Here is a excerpt from the patch notes:

Research and Development:

  • Resolved an issue which was allowing players to run multiple Research Training projects from the same school simultaneously.
    • Only 1 Research Training project can be run at a time per school.


This change, to me and many others, is completely unacceptable. It’s bad enough they want us to grind each school to level 15 before getting some of the more worthwhile gear. I can understand that. You want your players to work a bit before giving them the payoff. Limiting the number of research projects for each school, however, means that each area would take possibly months to cap.

I also want to mention that in case you all have not seen me comment about it in game, I am currently on a streak of 59 straight elite runs without a single Very Rare R&D mat dropping out of the boxes for me. Again, unacceptable.

I am not asking for one in EVERY single box, but none out of 59 is just ridiculous. I posted on the thread in the forums, letting them know that I am not happy at all with their changes. You can find the thread here and I have copy / pasted my thread comments below:

Anyone who knows me in game knows I buy zen from time to time and I don’t just buy 5-10USD worth. I buy quite a bit. Not only that, I am also a lifer so I have paid a fair amount of money into the game. That being said, I am , at this point, halting all my zen purchases. 

I am doing this as a way to let Cryptic know that the nerfing of the R&D system is unacceptable. Running multiple research projects was a good way to get a jump on pushing a school further and faster. To be honest, I wasn’t at all happy with the grind the way it was setup. However, the researches made it tolerable. Removing this ability to run multiples pretty much says that they want us to takes months to complete even a single school unless we dump huge amounts of dilithium into nothingness. 

I am not even going to get started on the ridiculously low drop rates for the Very Rare R&D mats (59 elite runs and not a single VR mat).

I’m not gonna yell. I’m not gonna call anyone names. All I am gonna do is not give Cryptic anymore of my money until this is resolved. I have defended Cryptic on several occasions when it came to grinding and farming items, but this I cannot defend. It’s been said many times before in this thread – Bad idea is BAD. I am sure any Dev or Community Manager can look at my account and see just how much money I have sent their way in the past 2 years. Consider that money lost from this point forward until you lessen the grind you have turn the game into. 

I think all of us should do the same. Our words can only do so much. Our wallets will speak much louder.

I would urge all of you to do the same. We have to let Cryptic know that we are completely opposed to this change.



Donor Names for July 21, 2014

Oh, how things came around for one troll today. For pretty much a year, this Bilf person has been a jerk to me – always giving me crap and even badmouthing the giveaway on several occasions. Why do I think justice was served today? This:


Steven had already won something at this point in the giveaway so even though he was first in, he would not have won. Bilf, as you can see, would have won it…but he was blacklisted a long time ago. Oh, the irony. Chadwick got it and he was quite happy about it. The trait was Momentum (since I accidentally cut off the name). The lesson here? Don’t be a jerkface to people.

Anyway, lots of new people today! Some, since they didn’t win anything, immediately started calling it a scam. Again. This is nothing new. I think people forget just how many whispers I can get in a single giveaway. I get several hundred and sometimes over a thousand in a single event. Think about that before you get angry over not winning anything.

Here are your donors for the day. Make sure you thank them if you see them around! Don’t forget about the Suliban Drawing! Enter it here!

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Donors for July 20, 2014

Kind of a slow day today, but not a big deal. It’s Sunday! I am sure most people were out at church or maybe a family gathering. It happens!

83 people have entered the Suliban Cell Ship drawing so far. Have you? You can! Daily! Enter here!

Here are your donors for the day! Thank you all again for all the great items!

Donor 2 July 20 Donor 3 July 20 Donors 1 July 20

Donors for July 19, 2014

Today we had another little troll, trolling his troll fingers for attention. Oh well!

We had a nice influx of lower level items so expect to see more of them as the next few days come!

Here are your donors for the day! And don’t forget to enter to win a Suliban Cell ship here!

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Donors for July 18, 2014

Lots of hate today. I am gonna say that the new patch has driven people mad. Well, I cannot make people read the giveaway rules. I can only point them in the right direction. I am not gonna waste my time on people who cannot put in a t least a tiny bit of effort.

Anyway, the Suliban Drawing is still on! You can enter daily for a better chance to win. The drawing post is here!

Here are your donors for the day!

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Posted this the other day, but still very funny!


Star Trek Online – Season 9.5 Patch Notes Overview

For those that do not read patch notes regularly, it would be a good idea to check these out. We are getting a pretty major update, particularly with the Crafting system which has been pretty awful up until now. They are quite long because of the update size so check them out when you have some time. I have gone over them and some of the changes look pretty good. Some of the complaints I have are in line with what most other people are upset about.

  • The DOFF UI is CLUNKY! It looks as if they were designing it so people with eye problems could see it better. I am all for helping out those less fortunately, but now the UI looks massive on my screen (I have a 48 inch monitor).
  • Also in the same breath with the DOFF issue, the UI does not actively list their traits anymore so it is harder to see whom you should place on a particular assignment.
  • They closed Memory Alpha. I actually liked that place. It was a good, quiet starbase. I hope they have plans to bring it back at some point.
  • Xindi Lockbox, but nothing in the patch notes about it.
  • Also no blog posts (at the time of this writing) posted about it so we are kind of going into this blind.

Ok, enough crying. What are the good things?

  • Kit Modules now have their own exchange spot! (Hooray!)
  • KDF can now hang out on Risa all the time if they want, not just the summer event!
  • The PVE queues now have a sound when they “pop,” letting you know audibly that you can “Engage!” I am very happy about this.
  • Battlezone areas like Defera, Nukara, etc. now have dilithium rewards build into them. It’s not a huge amount, but I was doing Defera a lot anyone so the extra dil is a nice addition.
  • Aegis Set got an automatic update. FYI, if you won the Aegis Set Contest last month, you now have an MK XII set after the patch!

This is by no means the entirety of the patch notes. You should still head over and give them a read. You can check them out here.

Remember, 3 hours downtime today and since it’s a bigger patch, we might experience more downtime afterward.




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